Sharpshooter Group

Results Driven, People Focused

Sharpshooter group focuses on providing exceptional value to our partners, investors, and clients. We invest in companies and opportunities that we feel we can help grow and gain market share. Primarily focused in North America we have invested worldwide depending on the opportunities. Our expertise allows us to hit the ground running in most industries and our procedures allow us to make decisions quickly for the benefit of everyone.

Sharpshooter Investments

Sharpshooter Investments is a residential and commercial real estate investment firm.

We believe that each individual investor brings more to a deal than just money. Utilizing our synergies allows us all to win larger and faster, helping each of us to realize our goals and dreams sooner than working on our own.

Sharpshooter Construction

Sharpshooter Construction is a residential home builder and renovation company.

We provide complete home building and renovation solutions for our clients from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB and everywhere in between.

Pride Home Improvements

Pride Home Improvements is a residential home building and renovation company.

We provide complete renovation services and new home construction from Duncan to Ladysmith to Nanaimo and into Parksville on Vancouver Island, Canada.